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Why do Black Men Recommend Dating a White Woman: 10 Reasons

Why do Black Men Recommend Dating a White Woman: 10 Reasons

According to statistics from a popular dating site, singles get their perfect match on a dating site in an average of fifteen minutes. This is the case regardless of your sexual orientation. Before now, they are getting into a relationship outside of their race was a little difficult because of cultural differences and whatnot. However, it's since turned a corner now; presumably, because of the advent of black women white men dating sites. These dating sites have helped promote interracial relationships and bring together black men and white women to form the most splendid of unions. There is this widely accepted consensus among black men that dating a white woman is heaven. What's the basis of this consensus? Why do black men recommend dating a white woman? Here are some of the reasons why black men love dating white women:

Inferiority complex

The white privilege chants all over the US are a testament to the oppression of the black race in North America. As a result, many black men suffer from an inferiority complex. Thus, seeing themselves as lower in mind, stature, ability, or status than their white counterparts. They may then choose to overcome this complex by being in a relationship with someone from the white race to resolve that this will give them a better sense of belonging in the society.


It is believed that white women spend more and are richer than their black counterparts. For this reason, a black male migrant who works menial jobs or a low-paying one will prefer to date a white woman who will help their financial cause. In many interracial relationships, the black man sees their white female significant other as their benefactor. Whites and blacks meet each other on black women white men dating sites.

Enjoy Dual Citizenship

For a black man, marrying a white woman is giving your offspring a better future. Many black men date white women hoping that they will be giving their unborn children a shot at having two citizenships should they get married. Many countries of the world enact laws that cement the citizenship of people residing in them. Therefore, a child born in the US, for instance, can claim US citizenship by birth.

Better Social Amenities

Blacks believe that the Whites are provided with better social amenities, health facilities, etc. Therefore his child (biracial) will enjoy these privileges.

In a similar vein, blacks believe the relatives of his wife (white) will accept him into their fold. These reasons propel blacks to date white women.

Black countries, majorly African countries, are known to be underdeveloped societies that depend mainly on the proceedings from the European countries.

More Love and Better Sex Life

Broadly speaking, the whites are well known for their sexual exposure. Many white girls have been exposed to relationships and sex from very tender ages. They believe in true love, fairy tale, and their accompanying shenanigans. They also opine that black men are more sexually gratifying than their white counterparts. This is due to A popular myth that black men have bigger genitals than white males.

Black men, who grew up on the streets, away from family and friends, and suffer from a lack of love, crave the love they didn't get while growing up. They find solace in building relationships with white women who are big on love. This creates a kind of symbiotic relationship between these black men and white women - one who craves love and the other who craves sexual satisfaction.

Easy to Control

According to many schools of thought, black women are highly opinionated. This may be as a result of the tough background many of them experienced while growing up. This naturally makes them tough and difficult to control. On the other hand, white women are easier to control once their sexual and emotional needs are met. For this reason, black men prefer to date a white woman.


The more a black man engages with the outside world, the more he feels the urge to dissociate himself from the underdevelopment associated with people of the black race. Being a part of some elite societies predominantly white needs you to be coupled with a white woman. Otherwise, you may be ostracized from such societies.


Beauty is also a very important factor in interracial relationships. Who doesn't like to show off their partners? Many white women are big on their looks, even up to their old age, and will do all that it takes to look young and pretty for as long as possible.

Having a Feeling of Being White

Most blacks believe whites are born with privileges they didn't experience in their youth. Dating someone from the white race helps you see things from their perspective. You can better understand them and see them from who they truly are, separate from what the media wants you to believe.

Loving and Homely

It is generally believed that white women are generally more loving, caring, and homely. Therefore, a black man willing to groom a lovely family whose mantra is love will prefer dating a white woman to someone of their race.

From the detailed points made, it is now clear why there is an increasing number of interracial dating and relationships these days and, in particular, unions between whites and blacks.


Cheryl Y. Judice, PhD - Researcher on Interracial Relationships

Cheryl holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University where she is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Education and Social Policy. She has taught sociology, social psychology, and African American studies at Lake Forest College, Northeastern Illinois University and Northwestern University.


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