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Best Black Women White Men Dating Sites

Most people don’t know that dating services specialized in connecting black women and white men exist. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this list so you won’t be one of those people anymore. Reading this will reveal the best 5 (partially) free interracial dating sites where you can find your dream matches. Since you obviously have a type, our experts decided to list sites with a lot of black female members and a lot of white male members. As a bonus, they did research about the challenges, benefits, pros, and cons of a relationship you’re seeking. After reading the whole =page you’ll feel like nothing can stop you from achieving what you want in a dating field. Why? Because you’ll know where to look for your potential matches. You’ll know what to expect from each site, how to behave on white men black women dating sites, and a lot more.

IWantBlacks logo

  • specialized in connecting black women and white men
  • over 100,000 new people you can meet every month around the world
  • over 600,000 members in the USA
  • more guys than ladies on the site (70% / 30%)
  • most guys on the site are white men
  • most girls on the site are black women
BeNaughty logo

  • created to make casual dating simple
  • 122,000 weekly active member=s from the USA
  • almost 600,000 members in the USA
  • a lot more black women than white men on the site (gender ratio 60% ladies, 40% guys)
  • 35% of members are between 25 and 35
  • the “Like Gallery” makes finding matches simple and fun
Flirt logo

  • great for seeking hookups and casual dating
  • a lot of black women and white men from the USA
  • more than 1,000,000 people around the world are using
  • the gender ratio is in favor of white men (60% of women and 40% of guys)
  • nobody is older than 55
EliteSingles logo

  • great for you if you want to meet highly-educated singles of different races
  • popular among successful black women and white men
  • 5,000,000 in the USA
  • better for serious dating than hookups
  • balanced gender ratio (50% guys, 50% ladies)
  • free to download mobile app is available for IOS and Android
WhiteMenBlackWomenMeet logo

  • created specifically to help white men meet black women
  • quick registration
  • free members get more than on average dating sites
  • matching is detailed and shown in percentage
  • balanced gender ratio, approximately 50% ladies and 50% guys
  • support available all the time
  • a mobile APP is free to download


Misconceptions on Interracial Relationships

First of all, you have to remember that misconceptions are made up of facts passed mouth to mouth. Don’t take them personally, better yer, don’t take them seriously at all. Look at them as stories and nothing more. One of the common misconceptions white men and black women hear a lot after starting interracial relationships is: “You’re a traitor of your race. How can you date somebody different.” Yes, that really still happens although we’re deep in the 21st century. People who spread that silly misconception are obviously close-minded racists.

Another misconception about black women white men relationships is, of course, sex-related. Some petty people who can deal with their insecurity are trying to bring down happy couples by accusing them of dating purely because of sex. They aim at white men who, in their opinion, date black women because of their curves and nothing else. That kind of objectifying lady died years ago. Guess those people didn’t hear the news.

Benefits of an Interracial Relationship

Terrible misconceptions follow interracial dating, but not enough people talk about the benefits black women and white men get from dating each other. Even if both partners are from the same area there will be some cultural differences related to race. Yes, that can put a relationship in front of a lot of challenges (more about that below), but most couples grow because of those differences. Understanding why your partner thinks in a certain way, why she does certain things, or why she doesn’t want you to do some things is a great foundation for a strong relationship.

Studies showed that interracial couples bond faster and stronger than couples where both partners are of the same race. Mentioned differences are the key to that. Especially when that’s the first interracial relationship for one or both partners. If it’s the first time for both sides, they bond so quickly their friends usually don’t understand what’s happening.

Challenges of an Interracial Relationship

Every relationship faces challenges. If it doesn’t, somebody included isn’t honest. Relationships between black women and white men aren’t any different. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly all the time just because you’re dating a hot member of your favorite race. You’ll argue over stupid things, but that relationship will be the best of your life if you stick to it. Of course, we don’t suggest you write your names in the stone as soon as you start dating. Just be ready for challenges and respond to them in an intelligent way. Some of the troubles you may face in black women Caucasian men relationship:

  • cultural differences might cause some trouble in the beginning (you’ll adapt over time)
  • your family may want you to stop dating somebody of a different race
  • some of your friends will be jealous so they might try to ruin your relationship

Who’s on Black Women White Men Dating Sites?

Get ready for a surprise. Black women white men dating sites are full of…are you ready... white men who want to meet black women and vice versa. Yea, not that surprising after all. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive deeper.

Black women and white men who join interracial dating sites in the USA are usually younger than 40. Most of them are between 21 and 35 years old. However, mature people join sites like that too. Other than race and age, location is an important factor for your dating situation. Luckily, communities on mentioned dating sites are very big, so no matter where in the USA you live, you’ll be able to meet matches near you.

How do White Men Black Women Dating Sites Work?

All white men black women dating sites have quick and free registration. After that, you can fill your dating profile with details you seem fit. Our advice is to make it clear who you are looking for. It will be either:

  • white man looking for black women
  • or

  • black woman looking for white men

That will let other members know you have a type you’re looking for if you join a site that isn’t specialized in connecting black women and white men. When you see a profile of somebody you like, send them a message. If you get an answer, light that chats on fire, and arrange a date after a while.

Pros and Cons of Black Women White Men Dating Sites

Let’s check out the pros and cons of white men black women dating sites. We’ll start with cons because there are fewer cons than pros. And we want you to stay happy. Finishing with cons might stick them to your mind. You don’t want that, right? We don’t either. Nor black women or white men who’re seeking somebody like you.


  • there are no 100% free interracial dating sites - all black women white men dating services offer free features, but none of the legit platforms are 100% free.
  • some dating platforms for white men and black women have an imbalanced gender ratio - on some platforms, there are more black women than white men, on other white men outnumber black women by 20 or 30 percent.


  • quick and free registration
  • modern special features are following the latest trends
  • big communities full of black women and white men
  • affordable membership prices compared to regular dating services
  • some are great for casual dating, others are amazing if you’re looking for a serious relationship
  • most platforms have members all around the world and the USA, so you can meet somebody near you
  • sites our experts picked for you are 100% safe and didn’t have any serious issues in the past


Dating services for black women who are seeking white men are slowly gaining momentum. Don’t get us wrong, some of those platforms have more than 5,000,000 different members. We just want to say that now is a great time to start looking for your specific type of matches on those sites. Why? Because a lot of black women and white men are joining, so the competition is getting bigger every day. Reading tips and facts our experts picked for you (under the list of interracial dating services) will give you an advantage over new members on those platforms. Read carefully, good luck.


Before you start meeting your matches online, read these FAQs

Is Premium Membership Worth it on Black Women White Men Dating Sites?

Yes. Free features are good, but premium membership unlocks a new level of online dating.

How to be Successful on White Men Black Women Dating Sites?

Be honest. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Be online often.

What is Good about Black Women White Men Dating Sites?

Platforms like that are amazing because you can meet your perfect match without leaving your home. If you’re dreaming of dating your specific type, the interracial platforms our experts picked will make your wishes come true.

Make love life as simple as black & white today.


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