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How to Manage Criticism of Your Interracial Relationships

How to Manage Criticism of Your Interracial Relationships

Because of the hatred and disdain with which many people look at interracial dating, most interracial couples tend to lie low even until marriage. However, this shouldn't be so. The tips discussed here will help interracial couples better handle criticisms and hatred directed at them.

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Be Optimistic

Like with everything in life, being optimistic about your interracial relationship will make it blossom into something desirable. Although you are sure there are loads of challenges, hope and believe that your love for each other will see you two through it all. Do not allow the negative comments to get to you. Leaving room for doubts about the success of the relationship is risking your relationship failing.

Pay Less Attention to Criticism From Haters

As expected, you will face a lot of opposition. However, it might interest you to know that most of these people who oppose you in public admire you privately. To keep yourself sane, mental health preserved, and relationship intact, learn to pay less attention to their talks. In the end, their opinions do not matter and are insignificant as far as your relationship is concerned.

Inform Your Family of Your Intention to Go Into Interracial Dating

Family and loved ones play a crucial role in the success of interracial relationships. Nobody knows your loved ones as much as you do. On the off chance that they're receptive liberal sorts or have had an interracial relationship or two themselves, they're probably not going to make a fuss out of getting into an interracial relationship. Otherwise, they will.

Either way, inform them of your intentions ahead of time. It's the kindest move to make for all included, including yourself

Convince Friends and Family Who Do Not Approve Your Relationship

As much as the love you two share is what matters the most, it is important to win over some friends and family onto your side. Their opinions may be pivotal to the success of your interracial dating leading up to marriage. However, do not be too bothered if they do not immediately approve of your relationship. Highlight in your discussions with them that interracial relationships do not do more poorly in their relationships than couples of the same race.

Make Your Partner's Safety Your Utmost Priority

If your family members do not approve of the relationship, let your dating partner know. Protect them at all costs by shielding them from physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Deny these people the satisfaction of making your partner regret loving you or agreeing to date you. This may need you two to move away from where they reside.

Establish Boundaries in the Relationship

Set boundaries to get-go off the relationship. Doing so helps to reduce fights and conflicts in the relationship. This may mean telling the individual you are dating what gets to you, what turns you off, and what can make you extremely annoyed.

Prepare Ground Rules

For many people, setting ground rules can make the relationship look too serious and rid it of all the fun every relationship should enjoy. But that isn't the case. Setting ground rules along with establishing boundaries can help reduce conflicts to a great extent. Interracial dating comes with its attendant issues, and preparing these ground rules can help nip in the bud fights that cut across racial lines.

The following highlighted tips will help you get past every challenge or criticism you might be experiencing in your relationship with the individual you are dating.


Cheryl Y. Judice, PhD - Researcher on Interracial Relationships

Cheryl holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University where she is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Education and Social Policy. She has taught sociology, social psychology, and African American studies at Lake Forest College, Northeastern Illinois University and Northwestern University.


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