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Best Interracial Lesbian Dating Sites

Lesbian dating is happening online for a while now. Gays are usually more open-minded than straight people, so gay men and lesbian girls started seeking a partner online before it was mainstream. Thanks to that, there are some well-established interracial lesbian dating sites. Singles of different races join them to meet girls in their area or somewhere around the world. Some of those sites are strictly for lesbian singles; some are open to everybody but have a big lesbian community.

All of them are a great choice for you if you want to meet girls online. Remember that some of those interracial dating platforms are made for casual dating, while others will help you find your soulmate. Join sites where you can connect with girls who share your desires. It’s almost pointless to join an interracial lesbian dating site for serious dating if you don’t want anything more than a hookup.

LesbieDates logo

  • famous worldwide (one of the best lesbian interracial and international dating sites)
  • more than 77 filters will help you find your perfect match
  • affordable 3-day-trial
  • simple to use (quick free registration and great design)
  • 0 creepy guys on the site
  • 100% safe to use
  • a growing community of lesbian singles


LesbieMates logo

  • 100% safe to use
  • affordable membership prices
  • isn’t specialized in interracial dating, but you can meet lesbian singles of all races
  • good for casual and serious dating
  • you can meet local lesbian girls or singles around the world
  • younger girls are dominant on the site, but mature ladies are popular as well


IWantBlacks logo

  • not strictly a lesbian site, but the lesbian community is big
  • made for black singles and those who’d like to start dating them (specialized in interracial online dating)
  • most lesbian girls are between 25 and 45 (15% of all female members)
  • 600,000 members in the USA at the moment
  • more than 100,000 new members worldwide every month
Elitesingles logo

  • specialized in connecting highly-educated singles of different races
  • big lesbian community
  • 80% of members have university degrees
  • 5,000,000 members in the USA
  • 50% of the whole community are ladies
  • ladies over 30 are very popular on that interracial site
  • mobile app for IOS and Android is available and free to download
MyBlackPartner logo

  • specialized in local interracial dating
  • most members live in the USA
  • made for connecting black singles with people who want to date them
  • not strictly a lesbian site, but you won’t see straight people after registration
  • affordable membership prices and special features
  • easy to use
  • active, big (and still growing) community


Misconceptions on Interracial Relationships

Interracial relationships, and interracial dating in general, are followed by some old-fashioned misconceptions. Surprisingly, those misconceptions affect lesbian interracial relationships as well. The most common of all is usually spread by an old racist who can’t get their minds around that two people of a different race can be happy together. That’s nonsense. It doesn’t deserve explaining.

Lesbian interracial relationships face some other misconceptions, such as claiming that a couple can’t get over cultural differences people of different races have. That might be true in some cases. When both partners are very proud, stubborn, and aren’t ready for compromise. But those traits tear apart people of the same race, so it’s silly to blame the race for that. Skin color, or ethnicity, don’t shape the person as much as some close-minded people think. When you meet a girl you like and start dating, you’ll grow together as long as you communicate and let go of irrelevant things.

Benefits of an Interracial Relationship

If you manage to ignore misconceptions about interracial dating, you’ll be very happy in your new relationship. Why? Because lesbian interracial relationships come with a lot of benefits. We’ll mention some of them here. We won’t take all the fun from you, you'll enjoy discovering the rest on your own especially because we’ll let you discover all sex-related benefits of interracial dating with your matches on chat and in person.

  • personal growth - you’ll grow as a human being regardless of the length of your relationship.
  • you help fight for equal rights - the LGBT community is famous for its burning desire to bring equality to everyone. Being in an interracial relationship is killing two birds with one stone on that field. You’ll show the world that racism is pointless, and as an interracial lesbian couple, you’ll be a perfect example of the future we all want. Future in which everybody is free to date whoever they want.

Challenges of an Interracial Relationship

A relationship without challenges isn’t a relationship. That’s pretending to be together until the point when one side can’t take it anymore. Explosions come at one point, and the seemingly perfect couple isn’t dating anymore. So don’t aim for a relationship without challenges. Be ready to face some troubles alongside your partner.

Most interracial lesbian couples face some challenges in the first couple of months of their relationships. You may have a friend who won’t be happy with your choice. Maybe even your family won’t support you because you’re dating somebody “different”. Your girlfriend might have some annoying habits you’ve never seen before. So many different things can challenge your relationship, but as long as you keep your eyes on the prize, those storms will pass. You won’t be the same person after them, you’ll be a new, better version of yourself.

Who’s on Interracial Lesbian Dating Sites?

On dating sites specialized in interracial lesbian dating, you can’t find any guys. Whole communities are lesbian girls of different races. Most of the members on those sites are from the USA, but every site has users worldwide. That gives you a great chance to have fun with girls outside of your area, but local lesbian sites are there when you want to start dating somebody for real.

Some interracial dating platforms aren’t strictly lesbian, but there are still many lesbian girls there. Like 100% lesbian sites, those platforms are full of single girls who want to meet new potential matches.

How do Interracial Dating Sites for Lesbians Work?

Our experts picked 5 of the best interracial lesbian dating platforms. One of the criteria was free registration. When you’re done with that (it will take a couple of minutes), you should fill your profile and start seeking matches. You can do it manually or through special features such as the “Like Gallery”. Regardless of how you find girls you like, one thing is crucial for success on interracial lesbian dating platforms. Activity. Active girls who send a lot of messages and chat with many members have much better chances to start dating quickly.

Pros and Cons of Interracial Lesbian Dating Sites

Dating girls of different races come with a lot of pros and a couple of cons. The same goes for sites where you can meet those girls. Our experts came up with a shortlist of cons and a list of pros. Let’s check them out.


  • there are some fake profiles on every interracial site
  • some platforms for lesbian dating lack modern special features
  • unlimited chat is reserved for premium members - most people see that as a con until they realize why dating platforms have that rule. No, it’s not just to make people buy a membership. It’s to protect those who are serious about their intentions from freeloaders who want to kill time. Someone willing to pay to meet matches won’t waste anybody’s time.


  • most dating platforms are 100% safe
  • interracial dating platforms have affordable membership prices (and almost all of them have a short, almost free trial period)
  • girls you’ll meet there live mostly in the USA, so you can meet in person without traveling around the world
  • special features will make online dating almost as good as dates in person (photos, videos, voice messages, etc.)


Finding interracial matches has never been difficult for lesbians in the USA, but it’s even easier nowadays with so many dating sites around. To make things clear to you, our experts picked 5 of the best platforms for meeting gay ladies. Some are local; some are international; all of them are great. Like revealing 5 gems like that isn’t enough, our experts shared some dating tips with you. Now you know what to expect from an interracial relationship and how other people might react to it. But we feel you don’t care about people’s opinions, so you won't let that bother you.


Is Premium Membership Worth it on Interracial Lesbian Dating Sites?

Yes. It’s 1,000,000 times simpler to meet single girls when you’re a premium member.

How to be Successful on Interracial Dating Sites for Lesbian?

Consistency and activity. Be online, send a lot of messages. You’ll be amazed by your success.

What is Good About Interracial Lesbian Dating Sites?

You can meet lesbian girls of all races in the USA or worldwide simply and efficiently.

There is only one step between you and your next interracial relationship - registering to one of the platforms our experts picked.


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