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Four Things Every Interracial Couple Must Know

Four Things Every Interracial Couple Must Know

There are particular recipes and cooking techniques to every delicious meal, and there are unique condiments that make up every successful relationship. For every dating relationship to mature into something serious, both parties must have similar interests and agree on many fronts. For this reason, there are peculiarities to interracial relationships that can make them a little tricky. To begin with, they are not of the same race and may have different cultural and social backgrounds.

People can meet their prospective partners of a different race on dating platforms. These platforms have a location algorithm that pairs people within the same geographical boundaries. For instance, in New York City, many folks use the interracial dating sites in NYC available to find their match. These sites match people of different races who live kilometers away from each other.

While dating someone of an entirely different race can come with its attendant challenges and difficulties, there are keys to a successful interracial couple relationship. The onus lies on the partners to know what to do to ensure unity, peace, and joy throughout their time as a couple. Here are some of the four keys every interracial couple must know.

Know Your Partner’s Traditions

As earlier highlighted, dating someone from a different cultural background can be dicey. This is because they have their peculiarities and culture that differentiate them from people of your race. Meeting someone from a comparable historical past and upbringing hands you a higher appreciation of who they are and their beliefs. But what happens when you get involved with someone who grew up in an area governed by an entirely different set of traditions? Try to know them better!

You can get to know them better by asking them questions about their cultural backgrounds. On answering these questions, you get to know them better, who they are, what makes them fulfilled as a person, their life goals in some cases, and why they do what they do.

Since learning a tradition entirely different from yours isn’t easy, it will take a lot of conscious effort, time, and dedication to see things from their perspective. Some of their doings may pass off as strange and offensive in your first meeting. However, knowing your differences and embracing them over time can make you two a better couple and take your relationship to the next level.

Focus on Why You Love Your Partner

Understand from the genesis of the relationship that your friends and family might not be on the same page with you regarding interracial dating. Many parents, especially blacks, are not comfortable with their children dating whites. Consequently, you will face opposition from a lot of people. However, that shouldn’t deter you from going on. Focusing on the love you two have for each other will help you scale past the opposition and challenges you might face along the way.

If you hit a roadblock in the middle of the relationship, remind yourself of why you fell in love with your partner in the first place and why you started dating in the first place. Be honest with yourself and your feelings towards your partner. This will help you better handle societal pressure and constant negative reactions from friends and family.

Have Someone Who Can Relate to How You Feel

Talking to someone always helps! If you notice that the negativity thrown at you is taking their toll on you, do not hesitate to speak out to a friend, family member that supports your relationship or therapist. Sometimes, all you need to get comforted is speaking to someone who has gone through a similar situation.

Don’t Downplay Your Partner’s Background and Help

It goes without saying that your partner’s background directly influences how they react to certain situations. Therefore, you should exercise some restraint in responding when you feel they might have overreacted in response to some situations.

When your partner chooses to respond to some moments in a certain way, cut them some slack and try to see things from their perspective rather than preach to them how they could have handled the situation better. In general, our values and experiences shape how we react to particular circumstances. For instance, a rape victim will react more aggressively to a rape accusation than someone who’s never experienced such.

The onus lies on singles of different races to make their relationship work. The challenges that come with interracial relationships are very scalable, and overcoming them can grow your relationship into a lovely fairytale.


Cheryl Y. Judice, PhD - Researcher on Interracial Relationships

Cheryl holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University where she is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Education and Social Policy. She has taught sociology, social psychology, and African American studies at Lake Forest College, Northeastern Illinois University and Northwestern University.


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