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Best Christian Interracial Dating Sites

Christian people are using interracial dating sites for decades. Still, it can be difficult for a real Christian to be a community member in which most members don’t care about God. That’s why dating platforms specialized in connecting Christians are full of singles seeking people who share their beliefs. Some of those services are active for 20 years, some are new, but they all have 1 thing in common. God isn’t neglected on those sites. Even though some of the sites our experts have chosen for this list aren’t specialized in Christian interracial dating, most members believe in one true God and aren't afraid to say that out loud. All of those platforms fit in the partially free interracial dating sites category. You can have fun as a free member. But you can get a lot more when you decide to become an elite member.

SeniorsToDate logo

  • most members are 50+
  • there are more guys than ladies on the site (but the difference isn’t huge)
  • great for Christian interracial dating because most users are from the USA
  • quick & free registration
  • more than decent special features (many search filters, “Like Gallery”, etc.)
  • affordable membership prices and almost free trial


BigChurch logo

  • specialized in interracial Christian dating
  • an interesting and useful blog full of tips about dating
  • Bible groups connect you with other Christian singles and God
  • premium members can pay a bit more to let free members contact them
  • more than 500,000 members (mostly from the USA and Canada)
  • balanced gender ratio
Christian Mingle logo


  • all the people on the site are Christian
  • a lot of members of different races
  • 9,000,000 users (7,000,000 from the USA)
  • good for casual and serious dating
  • perfect gender ratio (50% of guys, 50% of ladies)
  • Christian singles of all ages are joining daily
Cmatch logo

  • you can send messages even as free members
  • lead by Biblical principles (love above everything)
  • open for all people regardless of their race and location
  • more than 130,000 Christian singles found their perfect match there
  • good for meeting new friends, not just dating
  • moderators are keeping everything in order, thus making the site 100% safe
Christiandate logo

  • free members can use most features without upgrading membership
  • 300,000 people from the USA
  • more female than male users (55% of ladies, 45% of guys)
  • most females are between 25 and 35 (20%)
  • most guys are between 18 and 25 (15%)
  • you can use a PayPal account to pay for the premium membership

Misconceptions on Interracial Relationships

There are still some close-minded people who think that dating between singles of different races isn’t natural. Changing their minds is very difficult. It’s not worth trying in most cases. It would feel similar to explaining Christianity to somebody who strongly doesn’t believe in God. But luckily, you don’t have to change anybody’s mind. You are free to seek happiness no matter what people say as long as you play by God’s rules. Still, some misconceptions might hurt your feelings, so it’s better to know what you are dealing with.

Most common misconceptions on interracial relationships:

  • everything is related to sex - pretending that you don’t like sex doesn’t make you a better Christian, but sex isn’t the only factor in an interracial relationship, no matter how good it is.
  • cultural differences will tear you apart eventually - that happens only to weak couples who aren’t perfect matches.
  • people lose some friends after starting an interracial relationship - if you lose friends because of your dating choices, they were never your friends.

Benefits of an Interracial Relationship

Misconceptions about interracial dating are still rooted deep in the minds of some people, but you can ignore them. Focus on the benefits you’ll surely get in a relationship with someone of a different race and the same beliefs.

  • you don’t have to worry about smothering your partner with your religion - race determines only the color of our skin. Religion determines the color of our souls. That’s why interracial Christian dating is so good. You’ll be with somebody who understands your religion, looks a bit different than you (which is always very attractive).
  • you’ll learn a lot about different cultures - by dating someone outside of your race, you’ll get a person who’ll be able to teach you a lot about a culture different than yours. You can talk about slight differences in Christian traditions in your and their culture. You can talk about whatever you want and grow both as a person and as a Christian.

Challenges of an Interracial Relationship

If the benefits of interracial Christian dating made you think that relationships with people of different races are the bread and butter 100% of the time, you’re up for a surprise. There will be a lot of challenges, the same as in any other relationship. Maybe even more because of mentioned cultural differences. But being a good Christian means overcoming challenges. That’s why we’re sure you won’t give up on your new interracial relationship after a first minor fight.

According to studies, interracial couples claim that the biggest challenge is adjusting to their partner’s culture and habits. Cultural differences took down a lot of interracial relationships. You have to be aware of the risk. But statistics show that most couples claimed religion was the biggest difference between them. By dating a fellow Christian you’ll protect yourself from one of the biggest challenges you can face in an interracial relationship.

Who’s on Christian Interracial Dating Sites?

Christian interracial dating sites are full of people who believe in Jesus Christ and want to meet somebody to share their love with. Of course, not all Christian singles seek serious relationships. Some want to have fun while dating casually. There are sites for that too, but even while seeking nothing more than pleasure, members don’t forget to be respectful to each other and God. Also, don’t expect to find a community full of rigorous Christian believers on any sites. There will be some members who are spending most of their time serving God, and there’ll be people who believe but don’t go to church every day. That doesn’t make a person less of a Christian.

How do Interracial Dating Sites for Christian Work?

Interracial dating sites for Christian singles are pretty simple. There are no differences between them and regular interracial dating sites. The main difference is obvious - everybody on the site is Christian. But sign up is quick and free, the same as on other dating services. Members who aren’t afraid to send a lot of messages get the most results because they stay in touch with many people. After chatting for a while (that amount of time depends on you and your potential matches), members meet in person and start casual dating or serious relationships.

Pros and Cons of Christian Interracial Dating Sites

Overcoming misconceptions won’t be the only challenge you’ll face in an interracial relationship. The same as everything, Christian interracial dating sites have pros and cons. We’ll start with cons because there are just a couple of them.

Cons of Christian interracial dating platforms:

  • sometimes, people who aren’t Christian join interracial dating sites made specifically for Christian singles - you’ll see right through them after a couple of messages.
  • some members on platforms for serious dating don’t want anything more than casual relationships - that’s not always a con, you have to let yourself go once in a while, but if you’re seeking love, you may get tired of singles who aren’t.

Pros of Christian interracial dating platforms:

  • you’ll be among fellow Christian singles - dating somebody who understands your religion is wonderful. You won’t waste time explaining; you won’t argue about silly things.
  • you’ll meet beautiful people of the race you prefer - no matter how strong your faith is, you’re still a human. You can’t help yourself when it comes to your specific type. It’s like that for everybody. That makes interracial dating so exciting. Dating someone who fulfills all of your physical and spiritual desires is the biggest pro Christian interracial dating services can give you.


Meeting singles who believe in God won’t be a problem once you become a member of the platforms our experts found for you. Christianity is the main and only religion of the community on those platforms, so you don’t have to worry about starting a relationship with someone who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ.

Still, you have to be ready to face some challenges. Our experts did research and pointed out the most common. But they’ve discovered the pros of interracial relationships with people of your religion. Check those out before joining.


Is Premium Membership Worth it on Christian Interracial Dating Sites?

Yes. It unlocks all the features and makes meeting people much simpler.

How to be Successful on Interracial Dating Sites for Christian?

Take a first step (send a message first). Don’t talk about religion all the time. Don’t lie on your profile.

What is Good About Christian Interracial Dating Sites?

You can meet people of different races, and you can be sure all of them are Christians.

Your next interracial relationship is waiting for you on the sites we listed above. We’re sure you’ll have a blessed time on any platform you decide to join.


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