Interracial couples that defied taboos and broke the law for love

While interracial dating has certainly become popular over the last 5 decades, it is still far from becoming the norm. According to statistics, about 12 percent of Native Americans dated a person belonging to a different race in 2012. It is also worth mentioning that as many as 88 percent of the millennials say they’re open to dating a person outside their race. However, it is also worth noting that just 54 percent of these individuals have actually explored this segment of dating. Therefore, it can be said that a majority of people are still confused as to whether or not it would actually make sense to date outside their race.

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For instance, Khama and Williams broke all laws in an intolerant world and emerged as inspiration for many looking to date outside their race. On the other hand, without couples like Mildred and Richard Loving, interracial marriages would have still been illegal in the United States and consequently in various part of the world. The couple went through a lot of hardships owing to Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, which deemed marriages were acceptable when it was between people of the same color.

It took America about a decade from them to accept the fact that there was nothing wrong with dating someone outside their race and that interracial marriages were actually beautiful. In fact, the fight for the legalization of interracial marriages dates back to the civil rights issue. Slave turned social reformer Frederick Douglass and his wife Helen Pitts not only fought for their acceptance as a couple but also played a pivotal role against the abolition of slavery and advocated women’s rights.

While Douglass died 1895, the same day he delivered a speech on women’s suffering, Pitts was laid to rest in 1903 after she had founded the Frederick Douglass memorial. It is worth mentioning that the two continued to work on their interests till their last day. The millennials looking for inspiration can look up to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who have been successfully married and have two beautiful mixed kids.

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